How do I sign into my existing account?

Existing subscribers can log in online using their existing credentials. Then they can launch the web player to stream music via their browser.

Will I be able to change my billing date after registering for premium?

Yes! Once your first month of billing begins any user can access their billing account section. Each user should select the profile icon at the top of the app or online to drop down the billing section. From there, users can change the monthly billing date for their premium subscription. If a date is not selected then the 1st of the month is the default billing date for each user under the premium plans.

How do I submit my music to PRAZOR?

If you wish to submit selections for our music platform please include in your submission: a digital mp3 or wav file, a track listing, writer credits, type and style of music (i.e. Rock, Pop, Inspirational, Worship, Celtic, etc.). Music will be reviewed based on style, content and production values.

For further questions, email: media@prazor.com.

Will PRAZOR offer podcasts or music videos on the PRAZOR app?

In 2021, PRAZOR will be making major announcements regarding content added to the platform.